Thursday, May 8, 2014

Avery is 5

We can't believe she is already 5.  She has grown and changed a lot over the past year, but she is still our sweet little girl.

She is:












She amazes me daily with the unconditional kindness she shows to her little brother.  Every so often she will get a little exasperated with him, but she is always kind, willing to share anything, and helpful.  She tries to teach him things-top of her list is teaching him to share, but I also witnessed her chasing him around the house with flash cards, quizzing him on his colors.  If he takes a toy from her she is quick to say "that's ok, he can have it" when we start to intervene.  He asks for kisses from "Avee" each night before bed.

She likes everyone and everyone is her best friend and everything is her favorite thing.

She loves to read and watch tv and play outside.

She LOVES sweets.  Ice cream, candy, fruit snacks, icing, chocolate, mints, gum-anything sweet she can get her hands on, really.

She is into all things girly: princesses, My Little Pony, Fancy Nancy, clothes (specifically dresses), dolls.

Aside from sometimes not listening when we tell her to get dressed, get her shoes on (where do the shoes disappear to?!?! there are never anywhere to be found!), stay in bed, etc. she makes our job as parents incredibly easy.  She is truly such a good-natured, sweet, easygoing kid.  We love watching her grow and feel incredibly lucky to be her parents.

Happy birthday, Avery Kate!

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