Thursday, February 12, 2015

Disney World Day 2

Day 2, back at Magic Kingdom!

The tea cups.  They loved the spinning.

Avery got to participate and play Papa in Enchanted Tales with Belle, an interactive type meet-and-greet.  The magic mirror inspired Avery to say "Disney World really is magic: it's not like Oklahoma!"  Ben and I didn't see the end as we had to step out due to Ben's crying impatience.

Waiting in another line!

Ben had some rough moments on Friday.  I think he was just really tired from insufficient sleep and no nap.  He was, however, thrilled to drive a go-cart.  Until we abruptly stopped and he hit his face on the steering wheel and then the back of his head.  Oops!

Finally he crashed out in the stroller for a cat nap.

While Ben napped Avery rode Prince Charming's carousel and she and Rob shared a snack from Gaston's Tavern.

Dumbo was a favorite with the kids so we rode it a few times.  The "queue" for Dumbo was actually a playground, which they loved!

Avery begged us for a balloon the previous day and every time she say one this day as well, so I finally relented.  Hello $12 balloon!  Which we had to leave in the hotel room when we left, of course!  After Avery got one, Ben started asking for a blue one.  I ducked into a candy store and placated him with $1 worth of M&Ms.  Us: 1, Disney: 34!

Avery bought an autograph/photo book that day so we stopped in to see Tinker Bell again and get her autograph this time while Rob and Ben went on and caught the bus back to the hotel.

As Avery and I walked out to the bus station she looked up and asked me if it was my idea to come to Disney World.  I said yes.  She said "thank you, Mom.  Without you I wouldn't be here."  I told her without her and Ben I wouldn't be here either.  One of my favorite moments of the trip!

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