Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Disney World Day 5

Animal Kingdom and homeward bound!!

We had half a day to spend at AK.  We got up pretty early, packed up the room, and checked out of the hotel.

First thing on the agenda was a drive-through safari.

There were plenty of things to keep us busy for the morning.

Ben was perfectly happy jumping in puddles while Rob and Avery rode a bigger ride.

Avery and I rode Expedition Everest.  I don't think she realized how terrifying thrilling it would be.

Yikes!  Rob made her ride it with him afterwards (Ben wasn't tall enough).  Hopefully we didn't scar her for life.

After a long ride to the airport and a 2 hour delay we finally boarded our 2.5 hour flight home.  Ugh. Let's just say Ben wasn't at his best.  He managed to take a cat nap but was understandably cranky (tired and hungry).  Not the best evening but we made it through.

We used the flight time to catch up on some of Avery's schoolwork.

Ben watched Cars.  Again.

He and Avery shared a Sprite.  He kept saying "dis is good.  I love dis."

We were exhausted when we got home.  We quickly washed (they were filthy) and tucked the kids into bed.

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