Thursday, February 19, 2015

Valentine's 2015

After returning from vacation, we got right back into the swing of things with school, work, and getting ready for Valentine's Day.  Ok, all that really entailed was Avery writing out Valentines (we weren't tasked with making one of those time-consuming creative valentine boxes this year).

I ordered a printable bookmark from Etsy that turned out really cute.  Easy and inexpensive (and her teacher was totally impressed).

Avery wore her Christmas dress from 2013 and looked adorable.

I was able to make it to her class party on Friday.

She told me several times how happy she was that I was there:)  Even if I did get into "trouble" for taking pictures and videos.

Then I got roped into painting little hands and feet for the Valentines craft.
Avery took this photo while I was working

Saturday morning was Valentine's day and I was quite pleased with myself for getting NO CANDY gifts.  A robe for Avery and a Thomas pillow pet for Ben.

We had a Valentine's breakfast feast including pink milk, strawberries, heart shaped bacon, and cinnamon rolls with pink icing.

Rob and I had agreed on no gifts. So naturally...

Later, we shipped the kids off to Mimi and Papa's and we enjoyed a nice dinner out!


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