Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Cold, Cold, Cold

Have I mentioned it's cold?

It is.

February is the worst.

Last week both kids were a bit under the weather and we had some snow.  Avery was out of school for President's Day and I stayed home from work to care for the sick kiddos.  The kids definitely snuggled in, rested, and watched movies.

And of course there had to be cookies.

We finally decided to go ahead and do the wood flooring project that we've been wanting to do basically since we moved in!




Poor Rob-this was hard work.  It took up pretty much all of his time this weekend.  I *think* he agrees it was worth it and we're both really pleased with the outcome.

Avery and I had some quality time with nails, pizza, and gelato.

Oh, and Avery decided to move into the office.

Benny and I had some quality time on my day off.  Oy.  Ben is every bit of TWO lately.  We are seeing more fits and defiance.  He's going to wear out the time-out corner...

But he is also so sweet and funny.  And talkative.  And bossy.
Catching snowflakes

Plotting my shopping demise

To get the kids out of the house, I took them to the children's museum after school.  They had a blast as it wasn't too crowded and they had the run of the place.

Dancing with his shadow

We're chugging along through February, looking forward to warmer weather, fresh air, and longer days!

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