Monday, May 18, 2015

6th Birthday Gymnastics Party

Avery's birthday party at the gymnastics place was a blast for all the kids!!

This girl and her beautiful smile

The party was easy on us-we only had to supply the favors and cake (grocery store special)!!

All the pics I have are pretty much a blur because these kids were in motion.

It was super exciting for Ben because he actually got to play instead of just watching his big sister like the times he's come along to gymnastics class.

After the kids played it was time for cake and it was over!  The kids all wanted to play longer-if we did another party there I'd definitely try to get more time.  An hour of play went by too fast.

Avery had so many of her friends and family come to her party and got lots of super awesome gifts.  She is definitely one lucky girl.

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