Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Our 6 Year Old

This sums her up but not really.  She is all of these things but so much more.

She shares readily and is always wanting to give, make, or create something for a friend or family member.

She truly has a kind heart.  She is gentle and extremely thoughtful.  A bit of a fretter, she can't be in the garage when Rob is using his saw because she's afraid he'll cut his hand off.  Getting her to push herself physically, whether it is riding her bike or gymnastics, is hard because she's got more than a little cautious streak (enough for herself and her brother).

She is wildly sentimental to the point of being attached to inanimate objects like old carpet or bookcases.  Everything from broken toys to scraps of paper to deflated balloons are precious to her and must be discarded in secret (deeeeeep down in the trash under other things).

Stubborn and persistent to a fault (we're hoping this works in her favor at some point in her life).  Throw in a very healthy dose of sass, kindergarten attitude, and testing limits in there too.

Quick to get her feelings hurt and takes everything to heart.  Anything that kids say at school, no matter how silly or inconsequential, stays with her.

Mature, smart, and reasonable beyond her years at times.  She talks about compound words and metamorphosis.  She interrupts reading and conversation to ask what certain words or phrases mean.

Kindergarten has been a year of growth for Avery.  She is reading and writing and was in the class' top reading group.  She can read on her own (needs help here and there) but is often resistant to do so.  She'd rather be read to, but will sometimes read books on her own with some coaxing.  She reads signs, packages, and everything else that isn't a book very readily, though.   She adjusted very well to the setting and enjoys going to school, her friends, and her teacher.

Ben is her number 1 best friend and partner in crime.  90% of them time they get along great. The other 10% they bicker about which movie to watch, who gets to stand on the step stool (they both must do it at the exact same time) or who gets to ride the scooter (we have three of them but inevitably they both want to be on the same one at the same time).  Avery used to go along with anything he wanted and give into exactly what he wanted but as he has become more vocal over the past year she has started voicing her opinions too.  At times it seems like she's just trying to be disagreeable but it's probably her way of getting attention or standing her ground.

Things she loves:

art (drawing, painting, cutting, creating, writing)


ice cream (sweets of any kind!)

chapter books







fashion designing



watching tv

being silly

chips and salsa

potty humor

helping in the kitchen

helping with the garden

playing with friends

mac and cheese

She is beautiful inside and out. We love her smile, intellect, humor, wit, curiosity, and bright disposition.   Five whole years and we're looking forward to the sixth!

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