Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Spring Pics

Wow, I've got some catching up to do!

First, feast your eyes on Avery's spring pics.

So much going on here, from the "we're done here" look in the first pic to the crazy collar, fake diploma, and forced smile in the second one.  All we could really do was laugh.  Avery was all "whaaaaat? I don't see the problem."

Sidewalk chalk kept us entertained for the better part of an afternoon.  Avery worked up a nice rendering of Rapunzel's sun and I turned the driveway into the the Island of Sodor.

My art skills are VERY limited but they both seemed to enjoy driving the trains around.  Ahem. Which they fought over.  Ben did not appreciate his sister's newfound interest in his trains.

And this is what happens when Ben goes in our closet for 2 minutes.

We made our rounds the rest of the weekend, playing with friends big and small.

Brunching and desserting with Mom's friends downtown.


Hitting up the bowling alley for Coen's birthday party.

Avery swindled Gigi and Pepaw out of money to buy this pen.  The "pen of her dreams!"

We watched some storms roll in on Sunday.

Ben was just fine snuggling in to watch a movie after that.

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