Thursday, December 16, 2010

Christmas Tour

Of our tree and a couple other items.  I don't have a fancy designer themed tree.  While those are very pretty I prefer the hodge-podge of special ornaments that you collect throughout the years.

Clockwise: 1. 2010 Gingerbread Girl Avery's Gigi got for her.  2. Green Eggs and Ham-I saw this at Hallmark and had to get it since we read this about 7 times a day.  3. OU Snowman.  I don't know where I got him but he's just cute.  4. Bride and Groom from the year we got married.  I think my mom got this for us.

Clockwise: Musical Santa that belonged to my granny.  I don't know how old it is exactly but it seems old.  It was given to me and still is wrapped in a 1992 Tulsa World.  2. This is a handmade replica of the boat we had when I was growing up. 3. Stephen got me this snowman a couple years ago.  4. Lovey hedgehogs from the 1st Christmas we lived together (2003).

I just like these Nutcrackers.  Nothing special.

After Christmas I hope to pick up some new stockings and a tree topper.  

Avery has done fairly well with leaving the tree alone.  Although she has brought me many bulbs she has removed from the tree 1) she always brings them to me and 2) she hasn't broken anything.  Yet.

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