Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Nothing is as Easy as it Seems

I did something unusual last night.  I admitted to myself that I didn't have time for something. 

I had been contemplating what to get for Avery's daycare teachers.  We had already purchased small Starbucks gift cards for each of them, but I needed a supplement.  Last year we did gift cards and the Bakerella cookie-in-a-jar mix, and I was thinking I'd do the same this year.  We had a very busy weekend so I didn't get anything accomplished in that area, and the gifts needed to be delivered today as Avery will be out tomorrow and next week. 

I had some Christmas shopping to do last night and had the cookie jar ingredients on the list of things to get.  But while I was out I thought to myself "Self, you don't have time for that.  Just admit it.  You'll have to go to at least 2 additional stores to get all the stuff, and you won't even get home until 9, then you'll have to assemble them all.  Self, just buy something else." 

And I actually listened to myself and found these super cute reusable cups for cold drinks with straws at TJ Maxx.  I'll put the gift card in the cup.  Perfect.  Done. 

When I got home and began putting the gifts together I thought to myself, "Self, you need some candy to go in these cups too!!  Why didn't you get some Kiss's while you were at Target?  Maybe the husband will go."   

Smiles at husband sweetly.

After convincing Rob that he should go to Target to get candy (I didn't think it would actually work, but it did) I busied myself with uploading pictures to Facebook and Shutterfly while waiting for him to get back with the Kiss's.  Upon his return I began filling up the cups and LO AND BEHOLD the straw on one of the cups was broken on the bottom.    Because of course it was. 

Rob, looking a little frightened, reluctantly offered to go back to TJ Maxx and exchange the cup.  No.  I know right where they were (were there any more?), I'll go.  So, thanks to extended holiday hours, I found myself BACK at TJ Maxx at 10:30 pm.  And OF COURSE they don't have anymore of the cups.  Of course not.  Long story short, I had to get 2 totally different mugs and give the morning teachers one kind and the afternoon teachers the other.  As I was filling the cups at 11 pm, wondering how something so very, very simple turned into a huge time waster, the irony was not lost on me that I could have probably been totally done with the cookie jars by then. 
Stupid cups

And the moral of this long and completely pointless story is...

You can't win!

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Mrs. Cup said...

Most of my baking has been relatively uneventful. Outside of the cracked dish and leaked chicken grease all over the oven floor. Doh!