Wednesday, May 11, 2011

2nd Birthday Party

Avery's birthday party was Saturday, the day before her birthday.  We (and by "we" I mean me, myself, and I) wanted to have a vintage circus theme this year, and in spite of a couple hiccups, I think it turned out well.   I ordered a customizable party package from Dimpleprints shop on Etsy.  She provided a package of almost 200 pages worth of printables like signs, cupcake toppers, banners, and more (I didn't use everything in the package).  The invitations came with it as well.
The bottom sign says "Welcome to Avery's Carnival"  Washed out photo:(

The night before the party Mimi (aka the baker) came down with a nasty virus.  We had big plans for a cute cake and cupcakes, but I was more bummed that Mimi would miss the party.  We could pick up a cake at the grocery store-I wasn't worried about that.  Stephen saved the day by picking up the cakes that had been baked but not yet decorated from my mom's house.  We threw the icing and decorations on in about 20 minutes.  They probably did not turn out as well as if Mimi would have made them, but they looked pretty cute nonetheless.
Popcorn Cupcakes

Popcorn Bag Cake

Please don't submit me to Cakewrecks.

The food was simple carnival food like hot dogs, pretzels, peanuts, popcorn, animal crackers, lemonade, etc.  In fact, I felt a little guilty that nothing (aside from the cakes and the caramel corn) was homemade!

We were a little rushed to get everything ready because we attended another birthday party that morning, so I didn't get any great pics of the decorations or anything.  Just imagine cute popcorn and peanut bags, vintage striped straws, cotton candy favors, and a birthday banner.  Oh well.  Avery had a great time, and that's all that matters.

Later that evening, Aunt Lynn couldn't resist getting a treat for Avery from the ice cream truck (something she would pay dearly for-more on that later).  Avery played in the yard with her new water table, in her adorable new swimsuit.
She knew what she wanted

She was exhausted at the end of the day and actually asked to go "night night."  It means a lot to us to see everyone come together to celebrate her birthday.  The day was a reminder of how loved Avery is.

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