Monday, May 16, 2011

Dada: MBA

Last Monday was Rob's graduation ceremony.

I woke up Monday morning feeling bad, but I went to work anyway.  I was feeling progressively worse after a few hours and decided to go home.  I got an email from Lynn saying that she was very sick (remember that Bomb Pop?) and I knew I was coming down with it as well.  From Thursday to Saturday the little hostess infected nine people (that I know of).  I could barely get off the couch, much less make it to the ceremony.  Cue extreme sadness and tears.  As long and boring as graduation ceremonies are I actually wanted to go to this one.  I was so proud of Rob and excited to see him be recognized for his degree.  My mom picked Avery up from daycare, fed her, entertained her, and put her to bed (which I was extremely grateful for).  Fortunately Rob's parents and grandparents were there to support him (and take pictures for me!).

Enough about me (surprisingly, my misery is not the main point of this post).

My point is to express how very proud I am of him.  He started the program when Avery was three months old.  We had an infant.  I went back to the office that month.  Rob was working full time and starting a full time Master's program.  There was a lot going on.
At the time, Avery turning two and Rob finishing the program seemed very far away.  It's hard to believe that both things happened last week.

There were a lot of late nights studying.

Many nights away from the house entirely, in class or working on projects.  My mom came over most Monday nights.  It was very helpful to me and Avery looked forward to seeing her Mimi-Thank you, Mom!

A fair amount of stress (and complaining...and cussing).

I am extremely proud of the sacrifices he made and the hard work that he accomplished.

He had a very full plate and I'm not sure he's going to know what to do with all of his free time now:)

We are very proud of you, Dada Thomas, MBA.


Mrs. Cup said...

Way to go Claus! Sorry we missed it!

Erin said...

Girl I totally get it! I HATE the fact that John is in school, but am so proud of him at the same time. I am ready to have my husband back full time (whatever that means to a cops wife :) and the boys are ready for their daddy back as well! Tell Rob congrats! And I am glad you are feeling better!