Friday, June 24, 2011

Dada's Day

For some reason, Avery still calls Rob "dada" even though she can say "dad" or "daddy" just fine.  Sometimes she does call him "daddy" though.

But I digress.

We started the day with Rob's breakfast of choice (a bagel from Panera Bread) then we went to the pool.

We gave Dada his presents and new pictures for his desk.

Later that afternoon we went to Claremore for dinner with the family.
Pepaw & Dada-2 of the best dads around

Avery taught Gigi her "crazy walk."  The crazy walk cannot be explained, it must simply be witnessed.

I ran across a tutorial online for these lawnmower cakes and knew I wanted to make them for Rob since just about every other evening I hear "I gotta mow tonight."  I can't figure out if he's in competition with the guy three houses down (who has a lawn business) or if he's trying to avoid doing any chores inside.  Either way.  I was making the cupcakes.

They turned out pretty cute overall and were easy to throw together.

-Chocolate cupcakes and chocolate icing.  I used a mix.  What?  I'm busy!
-Coconut colored with green food coloring for the grass
-Hershey Nugget for the lawnmower
-M&M wheels and motor
-Licorice handle

The handles were supposed to be black licorice but I couldn't find skinny black licorice so I bought the Twizzler pull n peel kind and they were way too thin to stand up.    I tried freezing them but that only worked for a minute as they quickly thawed.  Also, the wheels were technically supposed to be brown BUT one package of M&Ms only had about 4 brown ones, so...use what you have.

I think Rob had a good day.  We did not do anything special or exciting.  He just relaxed, which is what he said he wanted.  AND he didn't change one diaper.  Probably the best gift of all.

Speaking of diapers.  Yesterday Avery's sheet from daycare indicated that she had used the potty (successfully) one time.  Before her bath last night she also successfully used the potty which resulted in Rob and I acting like complete fools and Avery earning a sticker and an M&M (thankfully, I had some leftover from above project)!  When I got her up this morning her diaper was dry so I asked her to use the potty and (!) she did.  We know that potty training is usually a marathon and not a race, but his is pretty exciting stuff!  She really seems to be initiating it and probably more so now that she knows she'll get an M&M!

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