Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Memorial Day

Saturday morning we headed to the lake to see Gigi and Pepaw.  Avery had been to the lake once last summer but we just stayed for the day, so this was her first overnight visit.  We were hoping she wouldn't be too much of a terrorist on the dock and would at least sleep well on the boat at night.

In short, she was an ANGEL.  It was pretty easy to keep up with her on the dock with 4 sets of eyes watching her.  She had so much fun.

Feeding the fish

Going for a boat ride

Napping during the boat ride

Fun with water guns

I was hoping she wouldn't annoy everyone with the water guns I brought for her.  Nope.  She pretty much only shot herself.  In the face.

Lauren & Shannon were in town for the weekend, so after getting home Sunday we went to a cookout at the Bentley's place.  

They have a huge yard with a creek, a waterfall, and neighbors with horses so Avery was entertained.

Monday we just hung around the house.  Drew's knee was feeling better post-surgery so the Bradshaws came over and we cooked out.  Great end to a long weekend!

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