Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Last weekend we went to OKC for a football watch party at Dale and Jennifer's.  We also got to see the home they purchased several months ago, which is beautiful!

Looking cute on the way out of town

She was asleep about 5 minutes after this picture was taken.  Notice the quasi-shiner.  She fell off something at school on Friday.

We got there a little early so Jenn and I took Harper and Avery to the neighborhood elementary school to play on the playground.  By the time we got back nearly everyone else had arrived.  We hadn't seen most everyone since June, and all the kids have grown so much over the summer.

Cailyn, A, Jenn, Harper, and Jordan checking out the neighbor's puppy
Someone had the idea to put all the kids on this bench for a picture.
From left: Jordan (2), Declan (6 mo), A, Harper (18 mo), Cailyn (1), and Rearden (6 mo)
I think Harper was mad because someone took her water
Cailyn is like, dude, what's your problem?
Yep, Steve & Brandi went to OU despite Cailyn's lack of OU gear-hehe.  Everyone was giving them a hard time.

Jordan is a professional, never moving or changing expressions
And that's a wrap, folks!
A, Jordan, and Harper picking "flowers"
We had planned to spend the night but were also prepared to drive home.  With all the issues we've had with Avery getting out of bed lately, I wasn't too surprised when she refused to go to sleep.  We only had the pack and play, which she can climb out of, so we were pretty much hosed on options.  We left around 10:30, got about 10 miles down the highway, and Jenn called and said we left the camera, so back we went!  We got home around 12:30 a.m.  Late night for us, but definitely worth it!

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