Monday, September 12, 2011

School Open House

Last Thursday Avery's school hosted an open house.  It was just for the parents, so Rob stayed home with Avery.  We met the teachers several months ago when Avery moved to the 2 year old room, but it was nice to talk without any distractions (kids) and really hear about the curriculum, methods, approach, schedule, etc.   Her teachers have nearly 50 years of experience in child care between the two of them and I believe both have degrees in Child Development.  More importantly, they seem to genuinely love the kids and what they do.

We got to see many of the materials they use and received a schedule with the class themes for the next year.  They will be going over everything from dinosaurs to apples to hygiene to seasons and holidays, and the list goes on.  Mrs. Laura is a book collector and has over 5,000 books in her collection and brings books according to the theme of the week.  They do lots and lots of crafts and worksheets and coloring sheets. Much to Avery's dismay, many of them have to go to the paper recycling bag.  We could wallpaper our house with the amount of paper that comes home.

They switch activities about every 15 minutes due to the short attention spans of the kids.  Pretty crazy!  I can't imagine my workday being that sporadic.

Mrs. Laura said that Avery is quiet, sweet, always good, a great eater, and very meticulous about everything she does.

It was nice to get a little glimpse into what our girl does 9 hours every day!  We trust that she's in a good environment and is flourishing in it.

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