Thursday, September 15, 2011

Night Crawler

We have a night crawler.  A creature of the night.  She carries a stuffed monkey and a ratty blanket and looks something like this

Pretty scary.

Or at least startling when all you see is her silhouette in the doorway at 3 a.m.  Or you get up and she's sleeping in your bedroom doorway.  Or standing on your side of the bed peering at you while you sleep.

Mind you all these things happened to Rob, not me.  I go right on sleeping.  She could be making macaroni and cheese and watching Dora at 2 a.m. and I wouldn't wake up.

Almost every night this week she has gotten up in the middle of the night and roamed the house, spreading 5 million tiny hair bands around the house (she has done this countless times, why I do not put them somewhere she cannot get to is beyond even me) and smearing Vaseline all over the floor.


Two evenings ago (about 7:00), she made a great escape.  I went to the bathroom and Rob was in the office.  She opened the door that goes to the garage (which was up), went outside, and (fortunately!) went to the front door and proceeded to rattle the handle.  This is when and where Rob discovered her.  This happened in about a 1 minute time span.

Rob immediately went out to buy some of these

So yeah.  She's sneaky and quick.  I'm not sure what to do about the nighttime wandering. Aside from installing a chime on her bedroom door, we can't be sure that Rob one of us will wake up every time she gets up.  Our house is relatively safe but nonetheless there are still a million different things she could get into if unsupervised.  Hopefully it's just a phase, and at least now we know she definitely can't get outside!


Summer said...

Wow. I would probably attach a bell around her little neck, or her door. I can't believe that wouldn't wake you. I wish I had half your Melatonin. You know, we installed an alarm that has the door opens/closes beep-beep, because of the babies. Tricky. Tricky.

Brandiosa said...

This is freaking hilarious. Kids are so awesome. If we lived closer she and Cailyn could play in the middle of the night. That seems to be the fad around our house.