Monday, September 12, 2011

Labor Day Weekend

I have a little catching up to do, it seems!  We had little plans for Labor Day weekend other than to relax and enjoy the symbolic end to summer.  Saturday morning I made pancakes and Rob, taken by the game day spirit, headed out to find a flag pole on which to hang the OU flag we bought a while ago.  After going all over town he finally found one.

We bugged him to hurry up and install the flag pole so we could go to the pool and enjoy one last (hot) day there.  The pool was closing two days later, on Labor Day, but the forecast was much cooler for Sunday and Monday so we figured this would probably be the last trip of the year.  We had it all to ourselves which is always nice.

Later that afternoon we went to the Bradshaw's to watch the first OU game.  But not before torturing Avery with 72 pictures of her in her cheerleader outfit.

This basically sums it up

We had good times and good food at the Bradshaw's until after half-time when we decided we better pack it up.  Avery was extremely energetic for 9:30 pm but she needed to get to bed!

The weather turned much cooler Sunday morning and after breakfast we took Avery to a big park a couple of miles from home.

Sunday evening we went to Gigi & Pepaw's for dinner.  Must have put our camera/phones down for a few hours because there are no pictures!

Monday morning Avery and I went to brunch with Shannon, Lynn, and Stephen and then to see Gina's beautiful new baby girl while Rob stayed home and smoked some meat.  Later that afternoon Gigi & Pepaw came over for dinner and we enjoyed the beautiful, cooler weather.

We finished up the weekend with ice cream on the deck (Avery had ice cream, the rest of us watched).  Overall, a wonderful weekend!

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