Thursday, September 29, 2011


The kids have been playing dress-up in the afternoons this week.  One day I picked Avery up and she was a candy corn witch with a ninja mask.  Yesterday, I walked in and all the kids were coloring at the table.  None had on a costume except Avery, who had on an astronaut outfit.  This exact one, actually:

Me: Oh, an astronaut.  You look so cute!  Let's take it off so we can go home.

Avery: No!

Teacher: Yeah, she didn't want to take it off earlier either.

Me: I bet you can play with it again tomorrow, honey.  Let's take it off.


*struggle ensues*
*astronaut outfit comes off*

For a couple of months (yes, a couple of months) I have been searching for the perfect Halloween costume for Avery.  I decided she would be Minnie Mouse.  Not only would she look adorable, but she LOVES Mickey and Minnie so I was sure she would love dressing up like Minnie.

I didn't want to spend a lot of money on a costume, something that will be worn only a handful of times.  But I wanted a good quality costume too.  So I turned to eBay and quickly found out that Minnie Mouse is apparently a hot costume.  I saw one entire costume including gloves, shoes, ears, and dress go for over $60 (used)! Yeah, not so much.   But I watched and waited and eventually found a great deal on a used dress and ears ($15!).  Score!

Cue yesterday, coming off the astronaut debacle at school, we come home to see that the Minnie Mouse costume has arrived in the mail.  Yesssss!

Me: Avery, your Minnie costume is here! Awwww, look how cute it is!

Avery: I no like it.

Me: What?! What do you mean you don't like it? You love Minnie!

Avery: No, I no like it.

She was interested in the ears and wore them for a while.  Later, she asked to try on the dress, and when I got it on she started crying and saying "get it off."


So maybe she should be an astronaut for Halloween.

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