Friday, September 28, 2012


We made it through week one.  Things have actually gone really well this week.  Ben has-dare I speak of it-been sleeping 11-12 hours.  I've been getting myself ready and then waking him up around 7 and feeding him.  We are all ready to go by 7:30 or so.  Avery has also been staying in bed all night.  I know schedules are always subject to change with an infant, but I definitely hope this schedule stays around for a while.

Ben hasn't been taking many naps at daycare, so he is super tired/cranky when we get home-that's the only downside.  They seem to have found a bottle nipple that he likes, though.  The first day, I sent two Playtex bottles and two Tommee Tippee bottles (thinking he preferred them, but I only had two of them).  Well, they said he preferred the Playtex.  And apparently they tried another kind of Playtex nipple that they had on hand.  I guess they don't sell them in the stores anymore so they were going to order some for him.

Last weekend we went to the outlet mall in OKC with Mimi (Rob was in Georgia for Jerry's wedding).  The kids were pretty good.  As you can see, Avery's legs got tired towards the end so she hopped in Ben's stroller (I didn't take a stroller for her because she wouldn't have sat in it).

Some other scenes from the week.
Playing at the school playground on Sunday
Morning snuggles

Before bath time

Princess relaxing on her elephant

Making oatmeal raisin cookies

In-what else?-her underwear

Morning smiles

And this morning, I got her singing her days of the week song.

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Erin said...

Ethan would stay in his underwear all day and actually go places if we would let him.