Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Around Here

We had a nice weekend!  The weather was warm and sunny and we got to spend time outside.
Who doesn't love a good spin in the wagon?

This guy does

Saturday we put down new mulch in the front bed and planted a few flowers.  Avery was a big helper.

Ben and Avery spent several days with Mimi last week during her vacation.  They got to go out to eat, go to the park, make cookies, watch endless Netflix, go to a movie, and Ben learned to click.  He practiced all weekend.

Sunday started off a little cooler so we spent the morning doing some stuff around the house.  None of which involved actual cleaning.  It's virtually impossible to clean with the two of them underfoot.  They are both little hurricanes of destruction.

Front yard picnic

Sunday afternoon we went by Gigi and Pepaw's.  They recently opened their pool and we're looking forward to warmer weather so we can swim!  The water was freezing but Avery didn't seem to mind wading around in it.

This week has been filled with all the usual stuff.
Brushing his "hair"

Sweet face

Bedtime bottle


Huge swig of water=choked=unhappy

Putting on some makeup


I have so many videos of Ben right now because 1) he's relatively immobile (at least he can't run away into another room) and 2) he's not camera shy.  Here he is telling a story.

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