Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Wagon Rides, Indian Relics and Such

That title was courtesy of Rob.  I couldn't possibly take all the credit for that.

Most of our weekend was spent outside (and Ben's nose is now running like a faucet).  Mid-April and spring is finally starting to make its appearance.

After work on Friday we didn't even go inside the house after we got home.

We end up with everything but the kitchen sink outside

Fell asleep during the walk with his hand in the air

I finally caught Ben shaking his head "no."  Pretty funny.

Saturday we had Avery's little friend Coen's birthday party.  We went to Target to pick out a gift.

And of course we couldn't resist the popcorn

And a stop by TJ Maxx

 Coen had a Mario party with a mushroom piñata and cupcakes.
He was playing with Avery's braids in line for the piñata-so cute.

Ben had fun swinging and thanks to Avery's piñata practice at Elijah's birthday, she knew what to do

Saturday night Gigi came over and Rob and I got to go to dinner.  I don't think we'd been out together since around Valentine's day.

Sunday we went to Woolaroc for Mom's birthday.  None of us had been in a long time so it was something different and fun!  They have a museum, lodge, petting zoo, little playground, and wild animals, so there was plenty to do and see for the afternoon.  Rob got some great pictures with the real camera, but I don't have them here at work.  I might have to do a separate post.

Sunday evening we took Ben for his first wagon ride.  He sat there like a big boy (buckled of course, otherwise he would have lunged out).

Fun weekend!  Now...is it Friday?

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