Monday, April 1, 2013

Ben 9 Months

According to weeks, Ben is 9 months today. I normally count by the date (29th), but in this case weeks makes me not late! So he's 9 months today!

I seriously feel like I just wrote his 8 month post a week ago.

Here's what Ben is up to at 9 months:
-scooting and rocking on his bottom (no crawling).

-picking up finger foods, starting to refuse purees.

-drinking about 30 oz of formula a day.

-sleeping pretty well at night. Some night wakings here and there. Good and bad weeks.

-babbles (mama, baba), laughs, squeals, blows raspberries.

-thinking about and trying to pull up.

-shakes his head and pushes your hand away when he doesn't want something.

-stands with assistance.

-generally very happy and likes people (no apparent stranger danger yet, as long as he's not tired).

-loves to be held and talked to.

-smiles all the time.

-thinks Avery is hilarious.

-has 4 teeth

-wears 9 month clothes.

-loves to jump.

-cuddly and loving.

Stats (from memory)

Weight: 18lbs 9oz (19th %)

Height: 28 in (50-something %)

Head: 69th %

He is still having some skin issues. He had blood taken last Friday for allergy testing. We should know the results in a couple weeks.

He is our lovable little guy and he makes us so, so happy.

Oh yes, and he's absolutely adorable.

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