Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Lately: Sunshine, Rain, Sickies, & Milestones

So.much.catching.up to do!

I have been so busy at work and I've had school projects AND Ben has been sick...ugh.  It's been a crazy couple of weeks.

I'll start last week.  It was rainy (April showers and all that...all I'm saying is that the May flowers better be awesome from all this rain).  Anyway, this is really only noteworthy because Avery looked so cute in her raincoat.

We discovered that Ben thinks funny faces are hilarious.  This was Wednesday evening and he was pretty cranky that close to bedtime but laughing in between fussing.

The week was progressing as normal when I got a call on Thursday that Ben had a fever, was sweating, and was pretty lethargic.  I took him to the doctor after picking him up and he had an ear infection.  Ear infections can cause fevers (although they never really did with Avery), so we got some antibiotics for the infection.

Picking up a Rx

Friday morning he still had a fever, so I stayed home with him.  You could tell he didn't feel well at all.  The fever would go down with Tylenol but would come right back once that wore off.  We battled that all weekend.  He would seem to feel good for a little bit then go back to feeling bad and feverish.

The weather was beautiful so we tried to get outside a bit.

Feeling better

Ben is judging you

Picking out her own outfit

Watching sister fly her kite

Sunday he seemed to feel better so the kids and I headed to lunch and the park with Mimi while Rob unexpectedly had to go to work.

Monday morning Ben finally seemed 100%.

Crazy bed head

Oh, huge milestone this week!  Ben pulled up in his crib.  He is trying to pull up on things but can't get a good grip on much of anything (the ottoman, the bathtub) except the crib.

He is really trying to move around.  He leans out from a sitting position so his hands are on the ground, but his legs are folded under him.  He's trying to crawl but going about it a different way!  He gets frustrated but he'll figure it out eventually.

Everything has been fine and then this morning I received a call from the daycare saying that Ben was inconsolably crying and not drinking his bottle (both unusual).  The eventually got him to sleep but he refused to take a bottle and he started running a temperature of 101.


So Rob went to pick him up.  We'll see how he does tonight but we might have to take him back to the doctor tomorrow.  Maybe the antibiotics didn't clear up the ear infection?  I don't know.  He was perfectly fine yesterday.  I hate that he feels bad.  And I really don't like when he has a fever.

So we'll see.  Sounds like we might be going to the doctor yet again!

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