Tuesday, April 30, 2013

10 Months

Sweet Benny is 10 months old. He is growing so fast.

He weighs about 19-20 pounds and wears 9 month clothes.

He doesn't exactly crawl yet but he definitely gets around. He scoots, turns, reaches, and so on. Oh, and he sort of crawls backwards. He can pull up and tries to do so on everything. He's dangerous. He really does need a helmet.

I think the reason he doesn't full-on crawl yet is because he's focusing all his energy on growing teeth! He has 6 already and more coming in.

Since we got his allergy results back and the diagnosis that his skin issues are eczema we started giving him basically any and all foods. For dinner he usually eats what we are eating and I send some kind of purée to daycare. Recently he has started eating some from the kitchen there as well. He's a growing boy! I tried to introduce some milk-based formula in with his soy formula but he spit up more and got a pretty bad diaper rash so we pulled back on that.

Since all the sickness last month (earlier this month?) he has been sleeping well (about 11-12 hours a night). He goes to bed early (we can't keep him up past 7) and wakes up early. Thankful for uninterrupted sleep.

He can clap and click his tongue and babbles all the time.

He likes car rides and is pretty content looking out the window.

He loves banging toys together and beating things in general. Rob and I were laughing and saying how it is a good thing Avery came first, otherwise the hand me down toys would be beat up. They are pretty much in mint condition from Avery.

As you can tell he adores his sister. He is happy to play with or around her. Otherwise he still loves to be carried around. He also loves bath time and gets super excited when you get water or ice from the fridge. So maybe he'll be a water baby.

He hates having his nose cleaned and is pretty dramatic when he bumps his head or takes a little fall.

He is so, so, so sweet and happy. He makes us all so incredibly happy.

Little Ben, racing towards 1.

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