Monday, June 17, 2013

Father's Day Weekend 2013

But first, Friday.  Rodeo Day.
Avery and Coen

And Friday evening, a swim birthday party for a classmate.

Rob spent Friday and Saturday night camping with friends.

Saturday the kids and I hung around the house and shopped a little bit in the afternoon.  The kids love being at home-well, Avery loves being at home.  I think Ben actually gets bored at home.  Avery never gets bored.  She could spend an entire day playing at home and never say she's bored or run out of things to do.  I realized on Sunday that we actually didn't turn the tv on all weekend.  If she would have asked to watch something I would have let her-she just never asked.

But I digress.

I bought some sponge rollers when we were out.  I'd been wanting to try them on her hair to see how it curled.  She only had them in for about 2 or 3 hours and it curled pretty well.  It would be even better if her hair was wet or she slept in them.

Ben started walking behind his push toys this weekend.

Rob got home Sunday morning.  We had a table of treats set up for him.
He is excellent at going to sleep.
He also loves shrimp and tacos but not sure if they're his favorite.
She might be projecting there.

We had a nice lunch with the family and then went swimming.

Avery practiced her swimming.  She's pretty good at swimming underwater.  We just need to work on swimming above water.

Getting Ben to sit still, much less hold something and look at the camera...HAHAHAHAHAHAHA.
No.  Not happening.

Maybe next year, when he can be bribed with a Capri Sun and a piece of gum.
I think Rob had a nice and (relatively) relaxing day.  These kids are really, really lucky they get to call him Dad.

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