Friday, June 7, 2013

Our Week

On Monday I made an appointment for Ben.  I suspected he had an ear infection, and he did.  We probably should have taken him in sooner.  He's been off for a week or two.  On Monday I was actually relieved to hear he had a double ear infection so we could treat it, of course, but also relieved that his crankiness was attributed to that and not  his actual personality. Ha!  We've been battling BAD (bleeding) diaper rash all week.  It seemed to be a little better this morning.  Hopefully it improves throughout the day.

After just two doses of antibiotics he was feeling much better on Tuesday.  We went to get some ice cream after dinner.

We spent a little time airing his bottom out outside.  Arthur wanted to get at Ben to lick him all over.  I tried to fend him and his muddy paws off.

Last night Ben got his first taste of spaghetti.  I think he liked it.

More airing out

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