Monday, June 3, 2013

Weekend Recap and a New Family Member

I mentioned previously the sickness that hit me last week.  No fun.  But Avery wrote me a note that I found taped to the fridge when I got the strength to get out of bed.  She also signed Brody's name because...sorry Coen.

My mom took off on Friday and wanted to keep the kids, so Rob and I took advantage and went car shopping.  My Jeep was becoming increasingly unreliable, so we needed to replace it.  Saturday we added a new member to our family.  Not looking forward to a car payment but better gas mileage will be nice.

We got back into the swing of things on Sunday.  Ben got into everything he could get his hands on.

Avery showed off her coloring skills.

Ben watched Rob weed eat (the loud noise kept him still).

We took a short walk.  It may look like it was all fun and games but no.  Avery spent most of it crying because her flip-flops wouldn't stay on her feet.  In turn, standing and waiting for her irritated Ben.  Rob got a call from work and left me with these two crazy ones.

After that, Avery declared herself tired and in need of a nap.  I doubt any sleeping took place, but I didn't ask any questions.  Ben and I headed to the store.

I came home and Avery was like "hey Mom, guess what I'm doing.  Cleaning the sink!"

With her toothbrush.

I tossed Ben in Avery's room, where he was sure to chew on a few tiny princess shoes.  Avery didn't let him though.  She monitored his intake.  Better than Rob and I-twice on Sunday we dug a wood chip out of his mouth (from the front bed).

Finally the sun tried to come out and Rob got a break from work so we headed over to swim and visit with Gigi and Pepaw.
Whatever, kid

Both were crying when we put them in the tub, but we got a few smiles.

We threw together a quick dinner and Avery chowed down, asking for seconds and telling Rob it was the best thing he ever made.

Followed by bowl-licking good ice cream and fresh strawberries.

A nice end to the weekend!

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