Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter 2012

Where did the last three days go?  Three day weekends are great but always leave me wanting just one more day.  We packed quite a bit into three days.  Friday we spent most of the day looking at houses and finalizing negotiations with a builder.

Saturday we started the day with an egg drop-the same one we went to last year.  A local church puts on a big egg hunt for the community complete with a helicopter that drops eggs.  Gigi and Pepaw came along.  The weather was not great.  About five minutes before the eggs were supposed to drop it started raining.  We improvised and used Avery's Easter basket to cover her head.  There were some bounce houses and a huge bounce slide that Avery jumped right into, climbed to the top, and slid down the huge slide on the other side.  I love seeing her do things like that-jumping in with bigger kids and not being timid.  After the egg hunt we headed out of the rain.

Later that afternoon we colored eggs.

Avery was itching to go outside afterwards so we went on the front porch and did some bubbles.  She thought she needed a polar bear hat to "protect her head."

Easter morning we had a little egg hunt in the front yard.  Avery got her first ever money egg containing $1.  She was pretty excited about that $1.  

After the hunt we headed over to my mom's for lunch. 

Avery enjoyed some time outside while Mimi cooked.  Mimi also made Avery an adorable bunny cake that I totally forgot to take a picture of.  Doh.

After lunch we headed to lunch v.2 with the Thomas'.  Utica Square was so green and pretty we stopped for a few pictures afterward.  

We had a wonderful weekend.  I'm ready for the Easter candy to be gone, though.  She had candy from Thursday's egg hunt at school and Friday's "no, you may not have ANOTHER piece" ended in this:

On Easter, I was saying "yes" to marshmallow covered eggs and fruit snacks at 9 a.m. because, after all, it's Easter.

Only minimal candy from the Easter bunny in her basket.  It was fruit snacks, animal crackers, and a couple of marshmallow eggs.  

Tomorrow, the candy will likely make it's way to my office for coworkers.  The good thing about her age is that she can't keep inventory of it.  

But I digress.  Small price to pay for an awesome weekend. 

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Summer said...

Elijah is still in the aftermath of what I can only describe as a candy binge. He will need to be detoxed at the end of this week.