Monday, April 16, 2012

The Weekend

Again.  I really need a better title for these posts.

Friday evening we went outside for some sidewalk chalk and dancing.
She says "this is my dance"

She practiced her "M's"
We caught a rainbow

Saturday  morning we went by our new house.  We were happy to see we finally had sod and some landscaping.
Later that afternoon Avery and I went to Target.  
Best $1 spent at Target
Saturday evening was super windy so we got out Avery's kite.  She held on to it all by herself.  I was a little afraid she was going to let go (or a strong gust was going to yank it out of her hands) but she held on.
Sunday we decided to go to the Drillers game.  We stopped downtown for some lunch beforehand.  Side note: a lady from the table next to us stopped on her way out to say how well behaved Avery was.  It was nice to hear but we'll see if we garner such praise when we head out to eat with two kids:)
The weather wasn't great but we enjoyed ourselves nonetheless.
Kids received a free hot dog and ice cream sandwich.  She ate the entire hot dog and almost all of the ice cream sandwich.  Remember, this was immediately following lunch. I think the girl has a hollow leg.  
Aaaaaaand she's out
We were able to get some packing done as well.  A great and fairly productive weekend!

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