Thursday, June 28, 2012

24 Hours

The last 24 hours has been a bit...full.  The results of this morning's NST and ultrasound indicate that baby boy needs to come sooner rather than later.  He looks good on the NST but my fluid level is still pretty low.  So tomorrow morning we head to the hospital.  I'm nervous, anxious, excited-all of it.

Avery and I spent about 2 hours at the doctor and pharmacy yesterday evening.  She has a bad cough that won't go away.  The doctor said it's a bronchial flare-up related to allergies.  So the good news is that it's nothing contagious or anything, but the bad news is that she is basically coughing non-stop.  So not only can she not sleep, she actually threw up twice last night from coughing so hard/much.  Wednesday morning she was up at 6 (my kid doesn't get up at 6) and this morning she was up at 5:30 (fortunately we got her to go back to sleep).  It's pretty miserable to hear her cough so much.  She has a few prescriptions so hopefully it will clear up very soon.

Breathing treatment at the doctor's office

Another at home

Yesterday she was pretty emotional from having so little sleep.  She was crying when I picked her up at school (which practically never happens).  They said she had been crying and saying "I want my baby brother."  And as soon as she saw me she ran over and said "I want my baby brother." Not sure if she thought he was already born or something?

After we all got home last night (Avery and I from the Dr/pharmacy, Rob from a day out of town for work) we spent the rest of the evening trying to get everything ready for baby boy's arrival.  We did a few things in his room and around the house, I finished packing our hospital bags, did laundry, and washed bottles.

This morning wee finished with the NST and u/s just in time to head over to Avery's last swim lesson.  The parents were invited on the last day to see what the kid's have learned.

Avery seemed to really enjoy herself.  There were five little girls in Avery's group.  They all play on the pool steps while the instructor works with each one for a minute or so at a time.  They practiced floating on their back, swimming on their stomach, jumping in the water, and getting to the edge of the pool and getting themselves up and out (important one!).

Some other things:
-fully submerge for 10 seconds
-retrieve objects in chest deep water
-submerge and blow
-turn over with help
-front and back float and kicks

The instructor said Avery did really well overall, but that she wants to hang on to you.  The next step would be getting her to be more independent in the water.  The kids either "completed" or "participated" in Level 1 and I'm proud to say Avery "completed" it:)

A few videos:

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