Friday, June 1, 2012

Summer Bucket List

Or, 6 week bucket list.

I have exactly 6 week until we have the baby, and I have quite a bit to pack into those 6 weeks.  After that, I'm not planning on much of anything.  It will be the hottest part of the summer, I won't be able to get into the water (so I won't be able to be outside for too long in the Oklahoma July/August heat with no water), oh, yeah-and we'll have a newborn.  So because of that, I'm trying to cram a whole summer into 1/2 a summer.  Not just for me (although it is my favorite season), but for Avery as well.  I just don't feel like I'll be able to take her to do anything fun for a while after baby boy is born.

That being said, here's some of things I want to do in the coming weeks.

Berry picking.  There are few berry farms in the area and I would love to take Avery to do this.  She is crazy about blueberries, plus we go through a lot of them in smoothies.

Blue Hole.  We went once last summer and I'd like to make it back one time this year.

Drillers Game.  We went to a game a month or so ago, and I'd like to go to at least one more.  No, I don't care anything about baseball.  It's just something fun to do.

Splash park.  There is one not far from our house and we need to take Avery over to play.

Ceramic bank painting.  I got a Groupon for this and thought it would be fun to make something for the baby's room and something for Avery's room.

Summer Reading Program.  I need to take Avery by the library to sign up for the reading program.

Skiatook Lake.  We live about 20 minutes from this lake, and I'd like to spend a day there.

Freezer meals.  I did this before I had Avery and it was so nice for the first couple of weeks to have meals prepared that just need to be placed in the oven.  Obviously this will be the heat of the summer, so to avoid using the oven a lot I've been looking into freezer meals that just need to be thawed and placed in the crockpot.  I'd also like to make some healthy muffins to take out of the freezer for breakfast.

Putting a small wrench in my plans is the intense back pain that started Wednesday evening.  I went to the chiropractor this morning and apparently my pelvis is twisted/flipped up near the base of my spine on the left side.  This is causing inflammation and, naturally, pain.  I literally cannot bend forward and going from sitting to standing (and vice versa), and rolling over are all extremely painful.  So I'll be leaning towards some of the less physical activities for this weekend...

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