Monday, May 6, 2013

Busy Weekend


And the weekend is over.  

This one was pretty busy.

Saturday was Olivia's 3rd birthday party at a local gymnastics place.

Avery enjoyed herself!  There were areas for little ones.

Then there was the big foam pit.  In true Avery fashion, instead of jumping in off the trampoline she tried to ease in off the mat that is actually where you are supposed to get out.  That's alright, she figures out her own way.

Adam convinced her to jump with him and that was all she needed.

Then she made him jump with her 4 more times.

After Olivia's party I went to a Kentucky Derby party with Lauren and Lynn.  I'd never been to a derby party or even watched the race.  It was really fun!!  That night we also went to Shannon's birthday party.  Rob was on call and therefore stuck at home all weekend.  

Sunday we celebrated Gramper's birthday.  But first, a very rare (and noteworthy) occurrence: Avery napping!

The weather was pretty yucky all weekend.  Sunday was better than cold, rainy Saturday but still cool.  
Keeping warm

Playing dominos

Playing with Pepaw

Mowing down BBQ

A few more random pictures.
Big fun with a party favor

Having some lunch

Fun and busy weekend!  Now on to Avery's birthday week!

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