Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Enter at Your Own Risk

What can I say about the last week other than I haven't changed this many dirty diapers since Avery was a newborn and I haven't cleaned this much poo or pee off the floor since Arthur was a puppy. 

Look, I'm sorry but this blog is about Avery.  And the last week Avery has been all about poo.  So feel free to exit stage left, but I have to write about it.  It's out of my control, see?

Let me back up.  Three weeks ago, you may have heard Rob or myself smugly (when the topic was broached, we don't go around volunteering this information....well...until now) noting that we rarely have to change dirty diapers.  Avery was gracious enough to do her poo'ing at daycare (hit 'em where it hurts, A), leaving us with only a poo or two on the weekends to divide among the two of us.  Yes, of course we'd rather one of us be taking care of her full time and getting ALL the dirty diapers, but that is not the situation and we're just looking at the bright side!!!

Enter teething.  Which leads to "loose stool" MULTIPLE (6?) times daily.  Which leads to diaper rash that won't go away.  Which leads to yeast rash.  Which leads to "airing out" time.  Which leads to pee on the carpet.  And poop ("loose," remember?).  Which leads to these cute little underpants

Which leads to poop and pee in the underpants (pretty sure if my mom wouldn't have been around last night that pair would have gone in the trash).   Which leads to pre-treating, soaking, washing, checking for stains, soaking again, washing again, rinse, repeat.  And not just for the underpants but for all her pajamas and sometimes sheets, blanket, and extra clothes sent home from daycare due to diaper blowouts.

Poor Avery is suffering the worst, of course, with sore gums and a sore bottom.

Here's to hoping the teeth pop through soon.  What I wouldn't give to see a solid poop. 


Summer said...

My mission for this week: find homeopathic remedy for baby diarrhea. I'll get back to you.

Shannon said...

Ah poor Avery...I hope those teeth hurry up...for all of your sake!!