Monday, August 16, 2010

New Babies, Old Babies

We packed a couple days worth of activities into about 10 hours on Saturday.  We attended a family wedding, then headed to Edmond for a baby shower.  But first we stopped in OKC to see some friends and their babies.

Steve and Brandi have a very new baby, Cailyn (2ish weeks old).
Avery is checking out all of Cailyn's hair.

Dale and Jennifer have an old baby (8 months old).  They visited us a few months ago, and what a difference a few months makes. Harper is now sitting up and starting to crawl.

We then headed to the baby shower for Baby Perry.  Katie and TJ are keeping the baby name to themselves until he is born (fine, be that way).  Katie is looking great for 32 weeks.  Excuse the yellow tint, Rob was jacking up experimenting with the settings on the camera.
Katie is hosting the soon-to-be-newest baby of all, ___ Perry.  Ha!

Scott and Jenny have a new baby, McKenna.  They waited a long time for her due to infertility issues, and she was born almost a year to the day after Avery.
Try getting two babies to look at the camera-I dare you.

Scott and Rob are fraternity brothers, along with Dale and Steve (and Myles, not pictured, whose wife is also expecting a baby boy) (and Lynn's husband).  Jenny and Katie are my sorority sisters, along with Shannon and Lynn, who I also went to high school with.  Are you following?

There will be a quiz.

Avery was obsessed with sitting in McKenna's Bumbo seat (a seat for new babies).  She would sit, whine to get out, someone would help her out, she'd sit in it again, etc., etc. 
Someone please help me, this seat has snatched me up again.

This time next year all of these babies will probably be running around.  It will be here before we know it!


Erin said...

WOW! Super busy...stinks I had to miss the shower :( I feel like I haven't seen everyone in ages...well because I haven't! So glad for Steve and Brandi...tell them congrats when you talk to them next!

Shannon said...

Lots of cute little babies...soon to be toddlers...eek haha!!! At least they will all be baby sitting age for mine...if I have one : )

Lynn said...

I love being surrounded by all these babies! Great seeing everyone!

p.s. will you send me a few pics of me holding avery while she was eating the oreo? i feel like there might have been a cute one I might need to see!

word verification: bumbus
Avery kept planting her bumbus in the bumbo. Heh!