Thursday, August 12, 2010

Huh...well that was easy.

Avery has never been a severe "paci" addict, however, the older she gets the more attached she has become. 

We could have gotten rid of it 5 months ago and she wouldn't have noticed.  I should add that she has only ever gotten it for nap time, bedtime, and long car rides.  At home we had an unwritten "paci stays in the crib" policy.  But lately, she has been wanting it more.  And she wants to hang onto it when she wakes up.  In the morning when I try to pop it out of her mouth, her little teeth clamp down and she shakes her head.  Uh oh.  She is getting addicted.  We needed to shake it loose. 

So last  night we put her down without the paci.  She cried for about 30 seconds, then the sounds of music drifted from her room (she has the Fisher Price crib aquarium), then...nothing. 

Hmmmmm.  Could it really be that easy?

We'll see.


Summer said...

I bet it will be just that easy. If her addiction is new, it shouldn't take long to get that monkey off her little back.

Erin said...

It is worse for you guys then it is for worries!