Thursday, August 5, 2010

Bonus Time

We have had an interesting week in the Thomas house.  Tuesday I received a call from daycare around 11 saying that Avery had thrown up.  Rob had a busy day at work so I went to get her.  Later that afternoon I discovered her milk was bad (came out of the container in chunks) so I suspect that made her stomach upset.  She seemed perfectly fine the rest of the day.  The milk had a SELL BY date of August 6th, so obviously it went bad early and I didn't notice because I don't drink it.  The lady at Whole Foods told me to come in for another gallon and explained that they (store brand) use a lower heat during the pasteurization process, which is better but can possibly lead to early spoiling (organic milk normally stays good for quite a bit longer than regular milk).

She was not supposed to return to daycare until she was vomit-free for 24 hours, so Rob stayed home with her yesterday morning.  Even though I suspected the milk made her throw up, I couldn't be 100% sure and I didn't feel like contesting it with daycare.  Rob took her in around 12, and they called me at 2 saying they were part of an area that was experiencing a blackout.  They had been told it would be 3 to 4 hours until power was restored, so they were asking parents to come get the kids.  Understandable since it is 100+ degrees outside.  So once again I took off to get her. 

It was great having some unusual, unexpected time with her.  Some of the cute/funny things we observed:

She wants to give everything to Arthur.  She walks over to him with a ball, her blanket, or a toy, and holds it out to him, waiting for him to take it.  Of course he just looks at her like "what the heck am I supposed to with that?"

*blank stare*

*blink blink*

Finally she gives up and walks away.

She walks around with her lunch bag over her arm, going to every door in the house, saying "bye bye."  She's a girl on the go.

She loves to get bottles of hair, body, bath, etc. products and carry them around.  She waves her hand over the top and then makes a wiping motion over her belly.  I was wondering what the heck she was doing when Rob pointed out that she was "washing" her belly.  Oh, duh!

She points out her toes, nose, head, mouth, and bellybutton (85% accuracy rate).

And Arthur has figured out the best seat in the house!

Hoping to make it a full day at work today!

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