Friday, August 13, 2010

15 Month Appointment

Just over 20 lbs (11th percentile)
31 inches (66th percentile)

She is doing great.  The doctor does want her to see a pediatric eye doctor because her pupils are different sizes.  Some of the population simply has different size pupils, but for others it indicates different vision in each eye.  So we'll see.  We're also going to try Zantac for the spitting up/vomiting/throwing up in her mouth. 

On Sunday, her actual 15 "monthday" we attempted to measure her height on our chart at home.  For some reason she sees this as a torturous act and her legs become jello.  I promise Rob is gently holding her in place, despite the frightened look in her eye.

Day 2 of no paci went just fine.  Considering this is what I found at 8:15 this morning...


Summer said...

Quit choking the baby! Geez! :)

Let us know what the pediatric eye doctor says.

Erin said...

I will pray for her niece Abbie had to have eye surgery and wears glasses so I get it...she does look super cute though with them :)

The "choking" pic is priceless...she can really blackmail her daddy with that one later!

And the sleeping one...PRICELESS!!!