Friday, October 7, 2011

Crazy Week

Not literally. Crazy Week at Avery's school.

Monday-Crazy Sock Day
The craziest socks she had: pink with white skulls.

Tuesday-Crazy Hat Day/Picture Day
Didn't get a picture of the crazy hat, just the picture outfit

Wednesday-Crazy Hair Day

Courtesy of Rob

Thursday-Team Spirit Day

Friday-Pajama Day
So happy in her Dora pajamas


Summer said...

This was color week at Elijah's school, and camping week at the daycare for both boys. I'm a little themed out this week. I argued with Elijah for 30 minutes on Thursday. He said it was Blue Day, it was actually Green Day. Have you ever argued with someone that couldn't read? So frustrating. He's so passionate about the themed days. Logan was never that interested.

Summer said...

Also, I love Avery's Crazy Hair.

Erin said...

It cracks me up how excited they get when they get to wear their pajamas to school!