Friday, October 21, 2011

Pumpkins & Cookies

So last weekend (see, I caught up)...

Saturday morning we went to the pumpkin patch by our house.  She had such a fun time.  She didn't really get that we were there to get some pumpkins, but after some urging I finally convinced her to pick out some small ones to take home.

"We going punkin' patch!"

It was a beautiful day!  We got there early before it got too warm (or crowded).  She played on the playground a bit, and we went home with our little pumpkins!

Saturday night Avery went to spend the night with Gigi and Pepaw while Rob and I went to dinner for our anniversary.

Sunday it was time to make some cookies with Avery.  My coworker's wife (Facebook page here) made a cute apron for her, and we needed to test it out.

She had so much fun making the cookies.  I think she's going to be a great little baker.  By the time the cookies were ready to be decorated, she had lost interest and was doing something else, so I hurriedly decorated them by myself.

Yes.  I decorated these all by myself, despite their distinct appearance of being decorated by a toddler.  It's ok.  I wasn't trying to win any prizes, and they tasted good.

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