Thursday, October 6, 2011

Fall Craft

I ran across this tutorial for a fall wreath on Pinterest.  If fit my criteria for a craft being that it was a) easy and b) inexpensive.  Here's what it takes:

A large piece of foam 
Fake leaves (5 packages, although I didn't use them all)
Glue gun

The original tutorial indicates she got the leaves from the Dollar Tree so I headed over there and they did have packages of leaves as well as foam board (although thinner than the piece she got from  Hobby Lobby but whatev).  The leaves I got look a little different than hers (smaller) but I figured they would work.

So here's what I did.

Hint to your husband that he should cut the foam to desired shape.  Because you don't have cable, and he has nothing better to do, he does it. 

Start gluing leaves on board.

Stick your finger directly into hot glue.

Glue more leaves.

Burn finger with hot glue 19 more times. 

Continue until foam is completely covered with leaves.   

Go back and add more.  I didn't use all the leaves, but looking at her again I think I'll go back and add more.  Mine is much flatter than hers.

It's pretty cute for a $6 wreath!  Yeah, up close you can tell it's cheap but from the street it looks very nice and festive, and I like that it's square!

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Summer said...

Very cute. It doesn't look cheap at all in the picture. I like it's squareness. I'm sad that our house has glass and cannot symmetrically hold a wreath. I have been putting it next to the door, but deep down-- I hate it.