Friday, October 21, 2011

OUvsTx & Brisket

I'm going to catch up very soon-bear with me!  I'm sure all three of you who follow this blog are on the edge of your seat...

We had contemplated going to Dallas for OU/TX weekend but time off work, money, and life in general just conflicted this year.  Instead, we headed to Lynn and Drew's to watch the game (and OU victory)!

"I drivin'"

Trying and failing to get a picture.

"Hey...I got a big, big stick!"

As you see, we weren't very diligent about taking pictures that day! But we had a good time, and went by Gigi & Pepaw's for dinner after the game.

The next day we had our annual brisket lunch.  It started a few years ago when Rob got my mom's brisket recipe.  Every year since we've had a big lunch of brisket, mashed potatoes, a huge vat of green beans, rolls, etc. etc. Basically, we make ourselves sick with delicious food!  I didn't have time to take many pictures-either of the food or the actual guests!  Fortunately the weather permitted us to eat outside on the deck, as the dining table we ordered arrived the previous Friday, damaged.

Pumpkin cooler

Hummus & ranch dip with veggies

AMAZING cheesecake Stephen made for Drew's birthday

Even though we definitely missed celebrating OU's victory in Dallas with friends, we had a good time at home (with friends)!

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