Friday, October 14, 2011

Zoo & Fair

I'm sorry.  It's Friday.  I'm tired and can't come up with any cute or witty titles.

Catching up again.  Two weekends ago.  We've had some fabulous weather the past couple of weeks, just perfect for the zoo!  Much-MUCH-better than the 110 degree temps back when we went in August.  We took Avery on the train for the first time, but other than that it was a pretty routine visit.

Sunday we headed out to the Tulsa State Fair with Lynn, Drew, Stephen, and Tim.  Another beautiful, warm day.  This was actually Avery's first trip to the fair.  She enjoyed it ok, but didn't care too much for being confined to the stroller for such a long time (we were there for about five hours)!  She took turns riding on shoulders.  Despite the fact that I am both ashamed and appalled at how much money we spent, it was a great day!

She loved the carousel

Had enough sweet potato fries

First fair corn dog

Sharing roasted corn with Stephen

Meat on a stick

View from the top

Getting sleepy

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