Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Memorial Day

Well, we had a fun 3-day weekend!

Friday evening Rob put the finishing touches on the swingset that Avery's grandparents went in on for her birthday.  It arrived last Tuesday and he spent every evening and into the  night each night working on it.  My mom stopped by after work and we hung around waiting for for Rob to put the final bolts in (which he had to run to Home Depot for missing bolts at the last minute).  Excuse the very shoddy camera work.  She was pretty excited.  She loved it and spent a LOT of time outside playing on it this weekend.

Saturday we went to the lake for the day.

Gigi and Pepaw got Avery a fishing pole.  She practiced casting and reeling with only a plastic fish on the end of the line.  Good thing because had there been a hook many people would have been snared.  She definitely got the casting thing down, though.  She was a pro by the end of the evening.

Sunday we just spent time around the house and did some grocery shopping.  Avery wanted to eat her cereal outside on her swingset.

Sunday night Rob made a delicious dinner of sliders, grilled potato wedges, and grilled corn.  I did nothing to help.  Oh! For dessert I threw together some strawberry shortcake (i.e. I washed and sliced some berries, placed them on a store-bought cake, and topped with store-bought whipped cream).

Monday morning Rob made breakfast and I got ready to take Avery to see The Lorax (yay for the $1 movie!).  We stopped at Quick Trip where we each picked out a treat for the movie (sorry, I'm not paying $4 for one package of candy at the theatre).  Popcorn, however, must be purchased at the theatre.  It's a necessity.

We spent the rest of the day playing outside in the slip and slide and on the swingset.  And while we LOVE our new house, I miss our old neighborhood pool.

Again, Rob (are you seeing a pattern here?) made an awesome dinner of fajitas.  Avery chose a popsicle for dessert, but still hit me up for bites of my ice cream.  Also, suddenly she is a pro at riding the tricycle.  She has been able to pedal for a long time but didn't quite have the steering thing down.  Now she can turn and has good control over exactly where she wants to go-all while ringing the bell.

The weekend was mostly fun but we did make some progress in Avery's room.  We ordered the dresser that matched her bed and it came in on Friday.  Rob put it together while we were at the movie.  I'm still not sure I'm in love with the way things are arranged in her room but I guess for now it will do.  I re-covered the wall letters that spell her name to match her new bedding.  We still need to  hang those as well as a few other things.  I also thing I'm going to try to get Rob to build a book ledge for one wall in her room.

Not to sound greedy, but I definitely could have used another day!  Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend as well.

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