Tuesday, May 21, 2013

All Play and No Work

None.  No work at all this weekend.  And our house is the disaster zone to prove it.

Ah, but we enjoyed ourselves and that's all that matters.

On Friday night we went swimming at Gigi and Pepaw's after work.  Avery is loving the water and has learned quite a bit in just the handful of times she's been in the pool this year.

Saturday we went to the Renaissance Fair at the Castle in Muskogee.  We had never been and some friends from work were going so we thought "why not."  It was pretty much what I expected.  Even though it was hot and humid we had a good time.
Mark and Ben

Brave one on the camel by herself

Mermaid treasures

Second pony ride

On Sunday we got up and had a late breakfast in Tulsa and stopped by a park before heading to Mayfest.
 Ben was doing his best to keep his appendages off the grass.

We walked around Mayfest for a bit.
Ben's 1st Mayfest

$4 water must taste better

Could have had his first bite of corn dog. Maybe next time.

We left Mayfest and went by Gigi and Pepaw's for a swim.

Avery is getting better every time.  Of course she still has a lot to learn, but if you ask her she knows everything.


A devastating tornado hit the Moore/OKC area yesterday.  The images and stories today are just horrible.  It's unbelievable to see the devastation in an area I've driven through hundreds of times.  It makes you realize that life is not a guarantee.  Hold your loved ones even tighter because you never know.

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