Thursday, May 9, 2013

A's Birthday

I took half a day off yesterday and told Avery we could do whatever she wanted.  She chose to go to the park.  So went went to three.

I picked her up right after 12.  The lights were off and all the kids were on their cots for nap time but Avery was waiting at the teacher's desk.  She was so excited.  As we were walking out she said "I was waiting so hard for you!"

We stopped by Weber's for a root beer freeze and tator tots.  The last park had the splash pad on and she had a blast there.  We stopped by Mimi's office on the way home (couldn't go in of course, ahem, no clothes).

For dinner I made macaroni and cheese and broccoli as requested.

Now, I'm a little afraid to show you the cake picture because word about my cake decorating skills might get out and everyone would be requesting my assistance for parties.  And I don't have time for all that.  But here goes:

Look, the birthday girl was pretty impressed, mostly by her favorite My Little Pony on the cake.

I think she had a good day!

Little brother loving dinner

Little brother eating a birthday card

Stamp set

Color Wonder markers and new bracelet

I loved spending the afternoon with my big 4 year old.

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