Friday, May 17, 2013

This Week: It's About Time Spring Showed Up

Another week has flown by.  We've spent it doing the usual: work, school, laundry, cook, play, rinse, repeat, etc. etc. But the weather has been nice so we've gravitated outside in the evenings.  We picked up a swing for Ben at Aldi.  It fit perfectly on the swing set.  Avery was excited to have a buddy to swing with.  Ben was pretty jazzed himself.

Interesting hairstyle, A.

Ben likes to get in Avery's house (as she calls it).

Very interested in watching Dad use the water waterhose

Some blooms on the plant Gigi & Pepaw got for Avery

One more pic before we take the decorations down

Tuesday we went swimming.  The hot tub wasn't too hot, just warm, and Ben was LOVING it.


We've been watching Avery's ant farm this week.  They've made all their tunnels-it's pretty cool to see.

Avery has slowly been breaking into her birthday gifts.  This princess tracing thing was a favorite.  Of course she blew through all the tracing paper it came with in one night-ha.  Oh, and Smurfette pajamas at Old Navy for less than $4: score!

Oh, and this guy-this little stinker-is all over the place.  He won't stay seated in the tub.  Or the changing table.  Or anywhere.  He is into everything.  This morning he pulled up on the toilet before I could stop him, tightly gripping the seat as I tried to haul him away (ewwww).

But when he's sleeping....awwwwwww.  He's so sweet.  And still.  And quiet.
He loves the ducky and sleeps snuggled up to it

Avery and Rob cleaned my car inside and out last night.  I think Avery had more fun running in the water and throwing the cleaning sponges around.

In the process of cleaning out my car we found a note from Avery's teacher from two weeks ago.  Oops.

My child not minding?  I'm shocked.  Not really.  But I am a little surprised.  She usually minds pretty well.  We will have a talk about this today, but something tells me she will have no recollection of said events.

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