Friday, May 31, 2013

Ben 11 Months

Big Ben turned 11 months old this week.  He is a happy, busy guy.

Still not a lot of hair, but that's ok, he's been focusing on growing teeth (he has eight!).

He pulls up, cruises, walks when you hold his hands, and crazy crawls.

It's funny but he gets around!

He takes 4-5 bottles and eats like a man-baby.  I was told he had three servings of goulash at lunch one day.

He has been sleeping great.  Bedtime is around 7 and he wakes up anywhere from 6:15-7:15.

He says "uh oh," "mama," and I think "adada" is dada.  He claps and kind of waves, sometimes.

Busy, busy, busy.  Not a still moment with him.  He is into anything and everything.  He finds the tiny spec of trash on the carpet or bug outside.  He'll always find the one thing that isn't a toy in a room full of toys.

He is such a sweet little guy.  We are enjoying watching him race towards 1 year!

Playing at the water table

Sorry adult Ben

Silly man

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Jenn said...

He's so adorable!! Can't believe we still haven't met him yet!