Thursday, May 23, 2013

A's 4 Year Check Up

With the dreaded shots.

Ever since she got a flu shot last fall she has associated the doctor with getting shots.  I probably wouldn't have even told her she would get shots at this appointment, but she jumped to that conclusion and we didn't deny it.  So there's been much talk of this appointment.  About how she doesn't want to go to the doctor, doesn't need to go to the doctor, isn't sick, doesn't get sick, will never get sick.  You name it, she tried it.  We told her it wasn't a big deal-just a few pinches and it would be over in seconds.  Assured her it was just a small pinch.  She wasn't buying it.

So I picked her up this afternoon.  As I was putting her in the car she said "hey mom, you know what would be cool?"  Me, "what?" "If we just went bowling and didn't go to the doctor" (Rob had promised to take her bowling afterwards).

Then she continued on.

"I don't need to go to the doctor.  I'm not sick.  I'm never sick.  My baby dolls are always sick.  They should go to the doctor."

Threw her own babies right under the bus.

Then, as we were walking in,

"Hey mom, you know what isn't cool?"


"Getting shots."

I laughed. Hard.

Her checkup showed she is a healthy girl.  And-not gonna lie-looking over the development and skills for her age and she pretty much owns that.

She is 39.5 inches tall (43rd %) and 34 pounds (41st %).

She kind of lost her mind when the nurse came in for the shots.  Rob had to sit on the table with her and restrain her and a necklace I was wearing was a casualty of the process.  The tears pretty quickly dried up after she got a sticker and a sucker.  She decided she's never going back to the doctor.

Also, you heard it here first, she'll be telling Ben "not to listen to Mom."

Big shock.

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