Monday, September 17, 2012

A & B the Last Few Days

This girl has the life, no?
Little does she know that she gets to take a bath in Mommy's tub because Ben's already asleep and she makes about as much noise as a bull in a China closet in their bathroom (right next to Ben's room).

Anything goes for dress-up: princess dress, butterfly wings, Dora bracelet, randomly placed barrettes, and green sandals.

Checking in on her brother

I'm trying to find some different ways to do her hair, since I basically have three different styles.  I need to learn to French braid.  Her hair would look so cute in pigtail French braids-who am I kidding, though? I'd never have time to do that in the morning.  I found this one online.  Pretty cute and easy.

Her hair is getting long enough to braid, though.

She is really into the Berenstain Bears lately.  I thought this book was especially appropriate.  I think all parents can relate.  She has been staying in bed the last several nights, so, hopefully that trend continues.

 Trike fun...

 Ben finally took a bottle yesterday, after a strike that lasted about a week.  Before that, he would only take about 1 ounce and then refuse anymore.  I got some Tommee Tippee bottles and he took one pretty quickly, after not eating for about six hours yesterday (we were desperately trying to get him to take one since he starts daycare next week).  He still wasn't too please but he took it.  And again tonight, a full 3.5 ounces.

 The funny faces of Ben:

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